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Expert consulting focused on the specific needs of small business. Specializing in search engine optimization and social media marketing. Contact us today to grow your online brand!

Our Digital Marketing Services

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Our Services

E-business Consulting

Need help getting started? Having trouble gaining traction in the marketplace? Or just
have some specific areas within your business that need some expert help from
professionals who have successfully done it before? Our expertise includes e-commerce,
technology start-ups, transformations, exit strategies, and management/marketing
strategies and tactics. Contact us today - we are here to help!

Search Marketing

For any inbound marketing program, one of the primary goals for a website is to be
found. In a competitive environment, this is not an easy proposition for a small or
medium sized business. A comprehensive program that includes customized search
engine optimization, paid advertising, and other integrated marketing communications
can help potential customers, partners and other stakeholders find your site.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social media to engage your stakeholders is no longer an option - it is a
requirement. Social media marketing impacts the perception of your business as well as
your search marketing results. It is not as easy as just throwing a Facebook page up and
hoping for the best, however. Companies need to engage their customers and other
stakeholders in the manner in which they wish to be engaged. This often entails a
customized approach based on your company and the industry it's in.

“Whatever you are waiting for won’t come to you; you have to go for it.”

― Israelmore Ayivor

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