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Why Choose Us for
Digital Marketing?

Our Expertise!
We understand the challenges of smaller organizations.

Global eBusiness Solutions (GEBS) is a boutique consulting firm offering professional consulting and digital marketing development for small to medium-sized businesses. Our focus is in the areas of inbound marketing that companies of this size often find most problematic: search marketing (including SEO) and social media. The company also owns and operates a number of specialty websites that provide e-commerce services to businesses throughout the world. As a special service to selected small businesses, GEBS also provides limited pro-bono services.

Our Management Consultants have a minimum of 30 years experience in technology and e-commerce, including the founding of several successful start-ups and transformative senior management roles in well-known brands such as Apple, GE (Calma), Western Digital (SANavigator, Connex), Oracle (Peoplesoft), and HP (Tandem).

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