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Google “Hummingbird” Search Algorithm Change

September 27, 2013 by Robert Wright

Google announced a major change to their search algorithm yesterday. The change is intended to provide better responses to long-tail keyword, or conversational (including spoken) type searches. In other words, Google will try to figure out the intent of a search through the combination of words in a keyword term, rather than just focus on individual terms. Since the change has already rolled out, and there hasn’t been a whole lot of buzz on the Web about it prior to the announcement, it may not impact your websites that much. It may even improve traffic to your site via long-tail search terms, or conversational queries. We would recommend taking a look at your traffic statistics trends during this transition period, however, and seeing if any tweaks are in order for your online presence. Here’s a link to a Google blog post about their latest search algorithm change.

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